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Lessons & Adult Programs


Orangebrook Golf & Country Club is proud to provide both individual and group instruction. Below you will see our PGA Professionals offering any type of instruction to fit your needs. Call the golf shop at 954-967-4653 ext. 5 to speak with a professional today about availability and scheduling your lesson.

Casey Andersen, PGA – Head Golf Professional
(P: 954-243-7179) /

Private instruction
$50 (30 minutes)
$80 (1 hour) / $350 (Five, 1 hour lessons)
$150 (9 hole playing lesson)

Group of Two
$50 each (1 hour)
$60 each (1 1⁄2 hour lessons)

Group of Three or More
$30 each (1 hour)
$40 each (1 1⁄2 hour lessons)

Private instruction for juniors 17 & under
$30 (30 minutes)
$45 (1 hour) / $225 (Five, 1 hour lessons)

Jose Reyes, PGA – Assistant Golf Professional
(P: 954-937-0403) /

Private instruction
$45 (30 minutes)
$60 (1 hour) / $225 (Five, 1 hour lessons)

Private instruction for juniors 17 & under
$35 (30 minutes)
$45 (1 hour) / $175 (Five, 1 hour lessons)

On-course lesson: $125

Kevin Almeida, PGA – Assistant Golf Professional
(P: 954-483-5226) /

Private instruction
$40 (30 minutes)
$75 (1 hour) / $200 (Three, 1 hour lessons)
$125 (9 hole playing lesson)

Group of Two or More
$25 each (30 minutes)
$50 each (1 hour)

Private instruction for juniors 17 & under
$25 (30 minutes)
$40 (1 hour)

Beginner / Intermediate Golf Clinics

Beginner golf clinics are a great way to learn golf, meet new people, and get you comfortable playing the game of golf.  The clinic is designed to start from step one of the most important fundamentals in order to improve your golf ability and knowledge for the rest of your life.  The clinic progresses through different golf shots and wraps up with an on course session.

The clinics are designed into 6 classes, meeting once a week, for an hour and a half.  Included in the program are range balls and the golf cart.  If you do not have clubs, do not worry; we have plenty of golf clubs to get you started in the right direction.  Ask about clinic starting dates and times.  $179 (Six, 1 ½ hour classes).

Orangebrook Golf CourseSocial Distancing Guidelines 2020
  1. Golfers must provide and wear a mask when around the clubhouse and when entering to use the restrooms
  2. We will not be allowing walk-ins at this time.  Please call ahead or make your tee times online
  3. The staff at Orangebrook will not be allowed to handle any golf bags or other equipment.  Golfers will need to carry their own bags to the proper location.
  4. Bag Storage will be suspended until further notice
  5. Only one person at a time will be allowed in the Restrooms
  6. There will be one way in and one way out.  Golfers will enter the North Entrance and exit the South Entrance.  Please follow all markings to keep the social distancing requirements 
  7. Tee Times will be 15 minute intervals.  Please arrive no more than 15-20 mins before your tee time.  
  8. Gathering in the breeze way will not be allowed
  9. Scorecards and pencils will not be in the carts and will be provided by the starter upon request
  10. All transactions at the facility will be credit card only
  11. Only one person per hole will be permitted on the practice greens and must maintain social distancing of six feet
  12. All water coolers on course have been removed and all fountains have been turned off.
  13. The flag stick is to remain the in the cup at all times.  Please no touching the flag stick.  When you ball hits the pool noodle it is considered holed
  14. There will be no rakes, the USGA suggest that golfers to play a preferred lie and for golfers to rake the bunker with their feet
  15. No ball washers or trash cans will be provided on course, please keep all trash in your carts and garbage cans will be provided at the end of the round.  Please remove all trash from carts at that point
  16. Walkers will be allowed while also maintaining social distancing 
  17. All Golfers are required to leave the course immediately after their round.  Please do not congregate in the parking lot before or after your round
  18. Snack Bar is open and food and beverage are available from the window